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Building Moving, Shoring and Foundation Repair
New London, New Hampshire
This woodshed originally served as a connector between a story and a half cape and the large barn seen at the right.  In this picture we have lifted the house and are about to pour a new foundation. 

Woodstock, Vermont
The original house was set at the bottom of the hill close to the road.  This building move included some structural shoring, setting on dollies, and pulling the house up the hill to the new setting with a panoramic view of the green mountains.


Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire
Beautiful Lake Sunapee was the backdrop for this job completed in 2003.  The foundation was crumbling and the roofline and walls were showing a visible drop in elevation.  The successful completion of this project made the summer months enjoyable for the family and crew.

Lyme, New Hampshire
An old farm house provided the opportunity for an  onsite move with a crane.  A new foundation has been poured for this old house.

Series of Technical Shots:

1)  Here we have an example of I-beams and shoring underneath the floor joists.

2)  The beginning of a Jacking Project to lift the house for structural renovation work.

3)  Here we have an example of excavating for a cellar, with rigging underway in this picture.

4)  Early in the job the beams go under the house and jacking piles provide support as the excavation is completed.

5)  1870's Cornish, New Hampshire farm- house sitting pretty up on blocking piles.

6)  Next step:  We wait for the concrete forms and prepare to pour a new foundation.
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